samedi 9 juillet 2011

Partie majoritaire (18)

L'équipe de France se meurt!

53. Rh1
53.Rh1 (94%)
53.Rb6 (6%)
34 votes cast.

classicmusic0505 :
I voted Rh1

rigamagician :
I think I'll go for 53.Rh1 as well threatening to push our h-pawn forward.

player03 :
Rh1 looks like our best option here. We have the threat of h7, so they'll probably play Kh7 next move. In which case, we can follow Riga's diagram that he showed us a couple of moves ago.

ezr611 :
I like 53.Rh1 because we have that move analysed over the past few moves so we are prepared.

rigamagician :
53. Rh1 Kh7 54. Kd5 Bf4 55. Ke6 Be3 ( 55. Bxh6 56. Kf7 Kh8 57. Rxh6# ) 56. Kf5 Bd2 ( 56. Bxh6 57. Kf6 Kh8 58. Rxh6+ ) 57. Rd1 Be3 ( 57. Bxh6 58. Rd7+ Kg8 59. Kg6 Kf8 60. Kxh6 ) 58. Rd6

chrispret :
Hi riga, in your analysis, why not 56. Kf7?

ezr611 :
The basic premise of 56.Kf5 is to push their king into the corner so our pawn can advance. With our king at f7, it cannot support our pawn because of their king covering g6, g7 and g8.
Take a look at the discussion during our previous move for more detail.

rigamagician :
Chris, if our king goes to f7, wouldn't their king be able to escape the mating net via .Kxh6, .Kg5 ? After 56.Kf5, we can bring our rook to the sixth rank, and then bring our king over Kg4-h5 as in this game. Have you found an alternative win in the 56.Kf7 line? It looks to me as if after 56.Kf7, we would have to bring our king back to f5 anyway in order to make any progress.

bbrout :
Rh1 is the way to go.

chrispret :
No you're right riga, I just didn't understand the concept very well. Of course we want to keep their King boxed in and not let him escape.

rigamagician :
The concept seems to be that once their king is blocking our pawn's advance, we bring our rook up to defend our pawn from the side, and bring our king around behind our pawn, and then when they take the pawn, force their king back to the edge with our rook as in the Del Rio game.

53… Kh7
53...Kh7 (91%)
53...Offer Draw (18%)
53...RESIGN (9%)
11 votes cast.

54. Kd5
54.Kd5 (96%)
54.Rh4 (4%)
28 votes cast.

rigamagician :
54.Kd5 attacking their bishop, and heading over towards their king to try to fence it in.

ezr611 :
Yes, 54.Kd5 continuing the line riga posted:
53. Rh1 Kh7 54. Kd5 Bf4 55. Ke6 Be3 ( 55. Bxh6 56. Kf7 Kh8 57. Rxh6# ) 56. Kf5 Bd2 ( 56. Bxh6 57. Kf6 Kh8 58. Rxh6+ ) 57. Rd1 Be3 ( 57. Bxh6 58. Rd7+ Kg8 59. Kg6 Kf8 60. Kxh6 ) 58. Rd6

classicmusic0505 :
54.Kd5 is the correct move.

bbrout :
Kd5. If this works guys, it's the trap of the century.

rigamagician :
I don't know if there is any particular trap involved. We have a won game thanks to our rook and pawn whose queening square is the same colour as their bishop. We are playing it out in accordance with standard endgame theory as outlined by Averbakh.

54… Bf4
54...Bf4 (90%)
54...Offer Draw (20%)
54...RESIGN (10%)
10 votes cast.

simplechess :
D'ailleurs le plan de gain (que les blancs n'ont pas encore trouvé, sinon ils n'auraient pas joué Th1), consiste à mettre la tour sur la 6ème rangée, plus précisément en f6, puis de mettre le roi en h5, par exemple:
54...Bf4 55.Ke6 Be3 56.Kf5 Bd2 57.Rd1 Be3 (57...Bxh6 perd toujours: 58.Rd7+ Bg7 59.Kg5 puis 60.Kg6) 59.Rd6 Bc1 60.Rf6! (60.Kg4? Bxh6! et cette fois-ci c'est nulle) Be3 61.Kg4 Bxh6 (sinon 62.Kh5 suivi de Rf7+ et Kg6) 62.Kh5 Be3 63.Rf7+ Kg8 64.Kg6 etc.
On comprend maintenant pourquoi la Tour doit aller en f6: si la Tour était sur une autre colonne, le Roi pourrait s'échapper par f8. La finale Tour contre Fou est nulle si le Roi est dans le coin qui n'a pas la couleur du Fou. D'ailleurs, si dans la partie on n'avait pas un Fou de cases noirs, mais un fou de cases blanches, en f5 par exemple, la position serait nulle.

54...Bf4 et sur 55.Ke6 Be3 (et non 55…Bxh6 56.Kf7 et les Blancs gagnent tout de suite).
Les Blancs sont toujours gagnants, mais le gain est compliqué.

55.Ke6 (97%)
55.Rh4 (3%)
33 votes cast.

mikehaggert :
The plan is working so far. Ke6

JDudar :
I wonder if they realize they lost (were they the ones who brought in an endgame expert?) and are trying for the help mate now.

rigamagician :
55.Ke6 hoping for 55.Bxh6? 56.Kf7 Kh8 57.Rxh6# If 55.Be3, then 56.Kf5 and chase their bishop with our rook to bring our rook up to the sixth rank aiming for the position in the Averbakh diagram and Del Rio-Korneev game.
Andreas Van Elst, a.k.a. simplechess, is an FIDE Master who plays vote chess for Team France, so in all likelihood, they know that with best play, they are lost. Most likely, they are hoping that we don't know how to win the game.
Team Europe was the team that brought in Jerzy Boden to help them out in our recent game with them. Jerzy is usually quite good at endgames, and he definitely had our number in that game. Here though, we are the ones in the driver's seat.

classicmusic0505 :

ezr611 :
Yup, 55.Ke6 is strong. We are in a winning position, we just need to deliver the finishing blow.

bbrout :
What is the betting line on them taking the pawn after Ke6?

rigamagician :
I doubt they will, but it sure will be nice if they do.

55… Be3
55...Be3 (83%)
55...Offer Draw (25%)
55...Bg5 (8%)
55...Bxh6 (8%)
12 votes cast.

simplechess :
55… Be3, comme prévu (ou un autre coup t'attente avec le fou sur la diagonale c1-h6: 55…Bd2 ou 55...Bg5). Surtout pas 55…Bxh6?? et c'est mat en 2: 56.Kf7 Kh8 57.Rxh6 mat .

alain007 :
Encore un petit malin qui vote sans lire les commentaires des autres joueurs!
(quelqu'un a vraiment voté pour Bxh6?? alors que simplechess a bien expliqué les conséquences immédiates de ce coup désastreux.)
on ne le répétera jamais assez: votez APRES avoir lu les analyses des autres joueurs.


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